1.  Avoid hot, steamy, long showers and direct shower water on the treated area after the procedure for a week.

2. Do not sweat profusely, exercise or exert yourself of any kind after the procedure for 1 week. The body heat expands the pores. Sweat is salt and will prematurely fade, blur or cause the pigment not to take at all.

Pigment loss could result should you scratch, rub, or pick at treated areas. The final color of the treated area will be visible after 3-4 weeks. During the healing process the treated area will exfoliate and and shed taking some color with it.




Today they're gonna be dark and tomorrow they will be darker. After scabs fall off, they will be very light and may look like they have no color. They might be red, blue, or gray. This is completely normal! Final results are in 3-4 weeks. So please don't panic! Remember No water on them for 7 days. Only oil them if needed.  


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